Our Story

CoupleUp was created in November 2018 out of a need to make a fun and easier way for people to learn more about one another in a more intimate fashion. While playing this game, you will have conversations about important topics such as trust, communication, money and other things to strengthen your bond with those you consider close to you 
Many times, people just do not know the right questions to ask when getting to know someone. We are taking that burden off you so you can simply focus on the conversation and everything that comes from it, Having though provoking and genuine conversation is something we advocate to couple in all types of relationships to truly get a understanding of the person they are dealing with or may see a future with. 
Aspiring to help build healthy relationships with people is the goal because great relationships are a necessity to a healthy life. When you know better, you do better and this game will tell you more abut the important people in your life than you think. We will continue to help all types of relationships to be the best they can be, one question at a time.
“Bringing people closer, one question at a time” is our motto because through meaningful questions, active listening skills, and healthy conversation, strong relations are that much easier to build.


Most frequent questions and answers

This game is catered towards anyone is any kind of relationship! Married couples, non married relationship, friendships and can even be for singles trying to figure out whether or not a potential partner is right for them.

Please allow 5-7 business days for your game to be delivered for all orders inside the United States.

Yes we do! For all international orders, please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

Let The Party Begin And Relationships Be Built!