Bringing people closer, one question at a time!

Introducing the #1 game for couples

CoupleUp is a relationship building card game that helps create stronger bonds between people with thought intimate questions. We want to continue to educate people in various stages of relationships about one another through creative and humorous questioning. 

Ever wonder what questions to ask to spark meaningful conversation? Do you want to know whether or not you are with the right person? Look no further than CoupleUp! 

Aspiring to help build healthy relationships with couples is the goal. Great relationships are a necessity to a healthy life. This game will tell you more abut the important people in your life, help build trust, love and have a great time playing. This game will help ALL couples be the best they can be, one question at a time.

Featured On The Breakfast Club

The Business Bully Dave Anderson On The Breakfast Club Ft. CoupleUp

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